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Higher Education Quality Assurance

The Higher Education Quality Assurance Regulation was published in the Official Gazette dated July 23, 2015 with the aim of internal and external quality assurance of education, teaching, research activities and administrative services in higher education institutions and determining and the principles regarding the duties, authorities and responsibilities accreditation processes and authorization processes of independent external assessment institutions, defined in this context.

 This regulation will make a significant contribution to the transition from horizontal and quantitative growth in quality, focusing on the priority agenda of our country starting from the 2000s, to access to higher education and to the increase schooling in the field of higher education, which has achieved significant success.


Kutahya Dumlupınar University Quality Commission

In line with the strategic plan and objectives of our university, the aim of “Quality Commission” established at our university within the scope of Higher Education Quality Assurance Regulations mentioned above is to assess education, research activities and administrative services, to establish internal and external quality assurance system for the development of our university quality, to identify institutional indicators and to carry out studies in accordance with the rules and procedures determined by Higher Education Quality Commission.

The annual institutional evaluation report prepared by conducting internal evaluation studies, which includes the results of institutional evaluation and quality improvement studies, will be shared with the public on our website

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