Our Main Values and Quality Policies

Main Values

  • Applied Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Foreign Language
  • Technology and IT
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Education and Environment Friendly Campus
  • Social University


Our Quality Policies

Applied Education Policy

  • Creating practice-based curriculum in all units

  • Continuous improvement of education with the participation of stakeholders

  • Continuous development of laboratory, information and technological facilities


Entrepreneurship Policy

  • Dissemination of employment-oriented entrepreneurship courses in the curriculum

  • Supporting entrepreneurial skills


Foreign Language Policy

  • Increasing the development of foreign language skills

  • Dissemination of business foreign language in units


Technology and Information Policy

  • Development of employment-oriented technology and technological competencies


Lifelong Learning Policy

  • Supporting practices fostering continuous learning habits

  • Presentation of educational opportunities for community needs


Education and Environment Friendly Campus Policy

  • Protection and development of physical infrastructure that increases education quality

  • Maintaining the current understanding of green campus

  • Initiation of initiatives to meet GreenMetric criteria


Social University Policy

  • Making sociopark a model for universities

  • Increasing activities to improve community awareness

  • Developing applications to increase City-University interaction

Last Update Date: 17 August 2018, Friday